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General Finishes Water Based Tinted Undercoats Woodworking, Home Improvement, Do It Yourself, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Hardware, Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Hardware, Home Decoration, Decorative Hardware, Home Remodeling, Home Repair, Barn Doors, Knobs, Pulls, Cabinet Maker, Woodworkers, Carpenters, Hinges, Cabinet Slides, Cabinet Guides, Online Hardware, Hardware Supply, Bar Rails, Cabinet Lighting, Furniture Lighting, Cabinet Catches, Cabinet Locks, Lid Stays, Casters, Levelers, Adjustable Cabinet Legs, Cabinet Hinges, WATER BASED TINTED UNDERCOAT - P, General Finishes Water Based Tinted Undercoats,
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General Finishes - No Longer Available Item #: WATER BASED TINTED UNDERCOAT - P -

Recommended Accuspray HVLP atomizing sets: .072 tip and nozzle, No. 10 air capHigh solids primer for pigmented polysTintable for custom colorPerfect primer for MDFVOC < 222 g/l (1.86 lbs/gal) excluding waterDry: 10 - 30 minutesTo sand: 30 minutes - 2 hours