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General Finishes RTM Color Chip Box
Price: $432.96
Availability: In Stock
General Finishes Item #: RTM COLOR CHIP BOX -

Large 4� x 5� chips demonstrate 140 custom colors on maple and oakEach chip is labeled with the proper mix of colors from the RTM stains aboveFormula book to quickly and accurately make over 140 colorsExcel formula calculator on a CD

General Finishes Water Based Ready To Match (RTM) Stain System
Price: $10.13
Availability: In Stock
General Finishes Item #: READY TO MATCH (RTM) STAIN SYSTEM -

Brush or spray applicationCan be used as a �Spray No Wipe� or hand apply and wipe off excessProprietary blend of pigments and metal complex dyes for depth and clarity10 standard base concentrates and a clear base that can be intermixed to create over 140 rich deep custom colorsThe 10 base concentrates can be used as stand alone colorsAdd RTM concentrates to General Finishes topcoats for toning and shadingUse Tint Base Clear to reduce RTM StainsVOC < 250 g/l (2.09 lbs/gal) excluding...