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FJM Security Products Combi-Cam Keyless Cam Lock Woodworking, Home Improvement, Do It Yourself, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Hardware, Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Hardware, Home Decoration, Decorative Hardware, Home Remodeling, Home Repair, Barn Doors, Knobs, Pulls, Cabinet Maker, Woodworkers, Carpenters, Hinges, Cabinet Slides, Cabinet Guides, Online Hardware, Hardware Supply, Bar Rails, Cabinet Lighting, Furniture Lighting, Cabinet Catches, Cabinet Locks, Lid Stays, Casters, Levelers, Adjustable Cabinet Legs, Cabinet Hinges, CC7850, FJM Security Products Combi-Cam Keyless Cam Lock,
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Item #: CC7850 -

Replaces any 3/4" diameter keyed cam lock3/4" straight cam can be placed in increments of 90? (included)1-1/2" straight cam can be placed in increments of 45? (included)Cam can be set to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwiseOne 1/4" offset cam included